Designed with Students In Mind

Online Video Group Sessions, Online Individual Supervision Sessions, and Canvas Learning Management System​​

This program allows students to attend all group sessions, individual supervision sessions, and didactics/workshops in an online learning format. Students will use Zoom video conferencing for group interactions and individual supervision encounters. Students will also utilize Canvas Learning Management System as the complementary resource that features the unit syllabus, objectives, outcomes, handouts, video lectures and discussion boards. This online learning format is especially helpful for students who are not able to physically attend a traditional, in-person, face-to-face CPE program because of limited or no ACPE-accredited centers near their geographic location. 


Diverse Social Justice Experiential Learning Contexts

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospital-based clinical pastoral education programs were limited and/or canceled. Sankofa Clinical Pastoral Education Center offers students an opportunity to engage with diverse learning settings to fulfill clinical hours of a Level I/II CPE program.

Therefore, Sankofa CPE Center is perfect for students who feel called to social justice and activism ministries, as they may choose a social justice organization or activist non-profit to provide spiritual care ministry and fulfill their clinical hours for the program.

As a result, the clinical pastoral education experience can help the student maintain, deepen, or develop a sense of leadership, confidence, and self-assurance around their own ministerial passions and commitments.

Digital Ministry Learning Contexts

Due to COVID-19’s unfortunate devastation on our world, we must reimagine our clinical pastoral education methodology and provision of spiritual care. Considering social distancing policies, digital and technology-based ministry practices have become our new normal. Thus, digital ministries such as Tele-chaplaincy and online worship services are the new experiential learning opportunities for students.
Flexile Cycle


The term “Sankofa” represents three distinct meanings which influence the objectives of Sankofa CPE Center. First, Sankofa represents the belief that it is important to “learn from the past”. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to “Go back…” The symbol of Sankofa is referenced by the Asante Adinkra symbol which is an image of a bird with its head turned backwards while its feet face forward.

With this meaning of Sankofa in mind, this CPE center’s first objective is to:

• Invite students to “go back” into the memory of their personal history and self reflect on their family system heritage. Thus, the curriculum of the center is grounded in Family System Theory and specifically highlights the theories of Na’im Akbar and Nancy Boyd-Franklin. Utilizing the clinical method of learning, students are also invited to “go back” and reflect on encounters with their “patients” in their unique site learning contexts which also speaks to the Pastoral Reflection learning goal of ACPE’s Level I and Level II programs.

Sankofa has a second meaning which entails an understanding that, in the process of looking back, there is a golden nugget that one must fetch from one’s history. Thus, the image of the bird looking backwards also features the bird holding on to a golden nugget in the mouth. With this meaning of Sankofa in mind, this CPE center’s second objective is to:
• Invite students to retrieve “golden nuggets” from their personal history that will help them to develop or further enhance their pastoral identity, which also speaks to the Pastoral Formation learning goal of ACPE’s Level I and Level II programs.
Sankofa has a third meaning which symbolizes an understanding that in the process of looking back and retrieving golden nuggets from one’s history, one’s feet are still planted firmly in the direction of moving forward. Thus, this CPE center’s third objective is to:
• Invite students to ever evolve and continue growing in the provision and demonstration of meaningful interreligious spiritual care skills, which also speaks to the Pastoral Competence learning goal of ACPE’s Level I and Level II programs. Sankofa CPE Center also specifically incorporates the ACPE objectives and outcomes of Level I and Level II Programs.